Hey Love, welcome to my creative retreat.

I’m Genevi่ve Gauvin, digital nomad, serial entrepreneure and graphic designer. I’m also the co-creator of The Great Anomaly, a website and podcast for unconventional couples in business who want to find the perfect balance between hustle and serious fun. I run TGA with, obviously, my husband Nicolas Pineault.

I’m passionate about the digital nomad lifestyle, as I live it myself. Visiting new cities every month or so opens my heart and soul to other ways of living and inspiring places where I can get some work done. I’m actually pretty obsessed with cute and inspiring coffeeshops because this is where the magic all happens. With the right settings, you get to work towards your dreams.

So as I visit the world through its coffeeshops and cute Airbnbs, I want to inspire you to live more too. To take big bold actions that will lead to massive steps ahead in your life. I want you to get lost in the chaos of travel, only to embrace it and create fabulous memories.

Travel, lifestyle and work are basically all the same to me now. Don’t you want to say the same thing?


More About Me


I’m the kind of girl who never do things the “normal” way.

  • I have never worked, after uni, for someone else than myself.
  • I have started 6 online businesses, currently running 3.
  • I don’t have a house, I live in my medium suitcase.
  • I never settle for mediocrity.

I’m the classic creative, with gigantic urges to start many projects, doing business with my instinct and intuition and thinking social.

I have a background in communication and I’ve studied it in Sherbrooke University in Qu้bec, Canada. But I’m mostly from Montr้al, if you want to know. And yes, my main language is French.

In the past, I’ve been a branding coach, then business coach, then CBO (Chief Branding Exec.), then lifestyle strategist for couples in business, with The Great Anomaly. Me and my partner/husband Nicolas have build a business together that almost made us millionnaire, but that didn’t make us happy. So we kinda dropped it.

In 2015, we’ve also dropped the condo we had bought in 2014 because stability was not what we wanted. So we sold everything we owned and we’re traveling the world full-time ever since. Free-dom.

With The Great Anomaly, I’ve been featured on The Get Paid Podcast, Risk Without Regret and Unsettle, just to name a few.

I’ve also gave a talk about fears at the last Off The Charts conference by Nathalie Lussier, in May 2015.

5 last things:

  • I’m an extraordinaire dance floor starter. And I’ve also did 13 years of hip-hop classes + competition.
  • I half-assume my love for fashion. Because I can’t have a lot of clothes in my suitcase. But I got married in gold Kate Spades
  • I’m an Instagram freak. I spend most of my time there. Follow me here @_genevievegauvin so we can become besties!
  • Once, my face has been used for an ad about entrepreneurship in Sherbrooke. I was on billboard, bus stops and bus ad panels everywhere in the city. Faaaaaaaaame!
  • I have lived in/traveled to Australia, Italy, Paris, Vancouver, Lisbon, Bangkok, Chiang Mai (Thailand), Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest and many many cities in the US.

Genevive Gauvin - Kate Spade

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