Welcome in my new home, my Summer cottage, my creative retreat. Welcome on my website.

I’ve been craving to write for years, but I was in my own way. Because that’s what happen when you don’t listen to your own magic. You delegate what makes you happy and one day, you realize that even a CEO can do graphic design, if it’s what she dreams of.

I’ve decided to create my own website after realizing that I’m more than my husband’s wife and more than my husband’s business partner.

  • I’m a serial entrepreneur.
  • I’m a nomad.
  • I’m a damn good graphic designer.

I wanted to have a place where all of these aspects of my life could cohabit and have an online refuge to talk about my passions of travel, lifestyle and business, while being able to showcase services and programs I could create down the road. A website would do.

This is how this thing will work:

  1. The Blog: Want to know where I am in the world and what to visit on your next trip there? Want to have insights about how I run my business and how I can make you a better entrepreneure and digital nomad? Want to read refreshing articles about lifestyle, how to make yours full of joy and how to deal with life as a kick-ass ladypreneure? Get on the VIP list here to receive each new posts straight in your mailbox.
  2. Work With Me: If you like my graphic design skills and you’d like me to design your next brand identity, you MUST hop on my list. The reason is simple: I will ONLY sell design spots through my list of VIPs. Beware, they are limited. There are also other ways we can join forces to create something together. Go there for more info.

This site is a passion project, a place to release the creative juices and build an online chalet where I can go to relax, create and throw awesome lady parties with cosmos, comfy thai pants, fab food and a warm fireplace.

And you’re totally invited, of course.

Cheers to embracing our individuality and uniqueness,


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