Work With Me

Genevive Gauvin - Work With MeOh dear, I’d like to work with you too!

Let’s start with the ways we can join forces:


You probably know by now that I’m a digital nomad, right? How about I help you take the first step and take care of your house and/or pet(s) while your gone on your first trip?

Down for this? More details here.

Guest Posts + Podcast Interviews

Oh I’m always down to share more about my travels, my lifestyle or my business. Wanna talk about my top places in Paris for gluten-free delicacies? Or what do I pack in my medium suitcase for year long adventure? Oh, or how to build a lifestyle business that allow you to become a digital nomad? Yeah baby, I’m down for that!

Click here to contact me about that. 

Brand Identity

I must be honest with you, I’m pretty busy with The Great Anomaly. I’m already the graphic designer on staff there. But there are moments during the year when there aren’t a lot of projects and my schedule can allow me to help someone else.

I’m in total love with branding. Building the visual identity of a kick-ass creative entrepreneur makes me so grateful to have this talent. Because the soul of a business is its branding: the colors, the textures, the feelings, the words… Just typing this makes me shiver. That how cray-cray I am about this.

Because my design spots are limited, the only way you and I can work together is if you join my mailing list. The reason is simple: this is the only place where I’ll announce availabilities. I want us to be friends, to understand each other and to creation an actual relationship before we work together.

Sounds good? Join there:


A Short Portfolio